Door Blinds in Dubai: How to Choose a Stylish and Practical Option

An original way to decorate a doorway is to use door blinds (sometimes, instead of a regular door). In order to take advantage of them in the interior, you should choose the best design option. At Atlantis Curtains, specializing in all kinds of curtains in Dubai, we will assist you to select door blinds to meet your requirements, taking into account all the nuances.

Materials for Door Blinds

The appearance and cost of vertical and horizontal door blinds depend on the material of lamellas or panels. For their manufacture, it can be used:

  • Wood. Wooden blinds are made of natural materials, allowing you to create a luxurious and refined interior.
  • Plastic. Plastic structures are made of opaque lamellas, which completely darken the room
  • Metal. Such structures are able to darken the room due to the perforated aluminum lamellas.
  • Fabric. Fabric products look more like curtains. Most often, this is a vertical model of door blinds. Due to the variety of fabrics, such blinds can fit into any interior.

If your door openings are standard, you can purchase ready-made blinds. If not, you will have to order made-to-measure blinds for doors.

Door Blinds Types

Blinds for a doorway can be made in different variations, the following types are distinguished:

  • Horizontal blinds are often used to cover glass blocks on a door.
  • Vertical blinds. The elements are arranged vertically and shifted to the side. Otherwise, it can be panel blinds shifted up to the ceiling.
  • Shutter-type structures.
  • String blinds made of threads.
  • Security roller blinds protect the premises from break-in first of all.

Door Blinds: Advantages and Disadvantages

Using blinds on a doorway is really a very interesting idea that has many advantages:

  • Lightweight construction compared to even the lightest doors. It does not weigh down walls and ceilings.
  • Originality. Door panel blinds look more unique than ordinary products.
  • Unobtrusiveness. They do not obstruct the opening and can be rolled up or dismantled altogether.
  • Zoning. You can zone a large room, creating a visual barrier between two functional sectors.

Also, door panel blinds have a list of disadvantages:

  • Soundproofing. No blinds will provide noise protection as the doors.
  • Fragility. Even expensive models become unusable over time since the materials and fasteners do not have special strength and wear out quickly enough.
  • The complexity of care. It is much easier to clean an ordinary door than to wipe the blinds from dust.
  • Protection. Only heavy-duty metal roller shutters can protect from penetration into the room, but they cost a lot, and they are not entirely appropriate.

Door blinds add personality and practical value to the home interior scene as it is a non-standard approach to interior design. They are easy to use, look aesthetically, visually add volume to space, fit into both classic and modern furniture. Choose the appropriate option depending on your home’s overall style.

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