Dubai travel guide

Short travel guide of Dubai

Shining with affluence, Dubai has made its presence felt on the globe with its rebirth as the best tourist destination. The city that practically created the idea of ‘tourism and shopping festivals, Dubai is where people visit to spend extravagantly on the worldly delights as they know that here they will get it at the best. The city charms its visitors with its multitude of 7-star hotels, an awesome range of shopping malls, countless dining arrangements, and modern bars and nightclubs.

With an abundance of activities, Things to do in Dubai is not a topic of concern for tourists. Apart from the credit card insanity place, this emirate when visited while Ramadan showcases a very accommodating and humble nature; its people relishing the traditional activities and the natural generosity of Arabian culture.


Here’s a guide to things to do on your Dubai tour.

Desert Trip Safari

 No holiday package is complete without a Desert Safari Dubai. A hit amongst adventure sports, dune bashing is a must thing to do in Dubai. Dune bashing is done using an off-road vehicle to explore the huge Red sands dunes. The roller-coaster drive on dunes is done with an expert safari driver and is followed by a visit to a photo point to take some pictures and glance at the golden sunset. To complement the look and feel of Arabian Nights, a sumptuous dinner is served which is coupled with music and dance performances. Camel riding and Arabian Eagles are also highlights of the desert safari trip.

Beaches and Sea

 Home to some of the sunniest and sandiest seashores in the world, Dubai offers many possibilities for water sports. Dubai is endowed with beautiful sun-kissed beaches, many of these beautiful waterfronts are transformed into beach parks with large playfields, sensational botanical gardens, areas for picnic and lively green places to rest. Thus ideal for fun and relaxation, the beaches and sea are not to miss things in Dubai. Check this post packing guide in Dubai

Dubai Creek

This saltwater creek was the basis of Dubai itself and served as a port for trading ships. You can enjoy the divine beauty of the sea by boarding on a dhow cruise ride for a dreamy dinner or even rent a private dhow cruise for an elite experience. The creek is still developing and a new design consisting of 7-islands with the name- The Lagoons is intended to be built here, which will include towers with a height of 400 meters. Families gather in the area during weekends where they take their kids for joy.


Dubai though mainly a desert region has managed to grow green golf fields all around. A huge amount of money spent on irrigation has now given Dubai a high range of golf courses where various international and local tournaments held.

Dubai Adventures as one of the best destination management company will arrange all the tours for you.No matter how many times you travel to Dubai, you will always want to go back to the city. It is one of the most visited tourist destinations, purely because of the multitude of events this city has to offer. Dubai has surely got unique experiences to offer to every age group.

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