The Importance of White Glove Shipping

“White Glove” as a phrase has long stood for the highest possible standard of service in whatever field it is applied to. The origins of the phrase are thought to have been around household servants in English country houses in the 17th and 18th centuries – the white gloves protected the solid silver cutlery from the oils secreted by the human hands that cleaned them and thus kept them in the best possible condition.

The same applies to a “white glove delivery service” (this needs to be a hyper link to – providing the highest possible level of service when storing and transporting valuable items whatever they may be. White glove is taken in both a literal and figurative sense – white glove as in the actual gloves the highly experienced teams wear to protect the items and in the figurative sense as an unsurpassed quality of service during the entire transportation process.

So, what should you look for when choosing a logistics company for your project? The answer really depends on what your priority is and the nature of the items to be moved and stored. Hardy, robust and bulky items are unlikely to require a white glove level of service, they can survive quite happily without expert, delicate packing or temperature-controlled storage spaces. However, when it comes to items of high actual or emotional value then a white glove level of logistical assistance is exactly what you need. Highly skilled and experienced staff at every stage of the process from initial check in and auditing, packing and storage through to the transportation to the final destination.

White glove also includes several additional services over and above a more standard level of service known as a “curb side service”. Curb side as the name implies means your item will be transported to your door and no further – getting it in to your property is your responsibility.

White glove means that your item is delivered perfectly to (excuse the expression) it’s final resting place – if it’s a painting that means expertly hung exactly where you want it, In the case of furniture it will be assembled and placed precisely to your specifications. This element of the service can be particularly important in the case of difficult access – bulky items up tight stairs, items too bid for the lifts and particularly heavy objects can all cause challenges.

A white glove service will come with the right number of people with the right expertise and equipment to get the job done perfectly. A white glove standard logistical company will look after your items every step of the way giving you the confidence and piece of mind you need.

Once you have decided on the level of service you require you have narrowed your choice of provider down to probably a handful of potential options in your area – the actual location of your choice becomes less important as by their nature these logistic companies are very used to travelling distances to get the job done.
A simple Google search will show you your options – maybe only 3 or 4 companies that profess to offer that level of service – so now it’s a question of which is best for you. One point on this – you are looking for a premium service so please don’t let your decision be based on price. This is not about saving a few dollars here and there, this is about getting the job done properly and well.

Recommendations from other customers is a great place to start – what do people who have already used the company have to say? Reviews on their website are good but Google reviews are also important – make sure to do your homework.
Once you have made an initial decision it’s down to a personal choice so pick up the phone (or jump on Zoom) and have a chat with their people – let them know exactly what you need and then it’s up to them to make you feel confident that they can deliver.

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